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GPS file format converter with Google Maps interface. Dec 1, 2015 The Map Converter is a Windows PC application for converting various raster map formats into the Mud Map Raster (.mmr) format. Mud Map. Apr 6, 2016 Image Converter for OziExplorer is a speedy software tool made to generate GeoTIFF maps from PDF, RIK, JPG, PNG and other types of files.

Converter test - my last tracks (Google.Earth format): FromGPS.kmz (~620Kb). ( ) Maximum file size: 45M. Other converters. GPS coordinates converter. Скачать старые карты с привязкой для Ozi Explorer и Androzic. Сразу готовые и без конвертации! Качаем. OziMapConverter. Not supported at the present. Use new OziTrackConverter to convert tracks and points. Simple converter for OziExplorer calibration files. Utility software to work with OziExplorer Mapping Software. Dec 16, 2015 OziExplorer (oziexplorer.com) is navigation and mapping software for Windows and WindowsCE. It is closed-source commercial software, with. ITN Converter, better known as ITNConv, is both a converter route supporting many formats, and a route planner simple and efficient. The converter supports. GPS converter. „GPS converter“ makes it possible to convert routes and tracks which are saved in different formats in generally usable formats as ovl, gpx. Img2ozf. Image to OZFX3 Map Conversion. Конвертер картинок в карты для OziExplorer (.ozfx3 тип файлов). Год: 2005. Тип: архив программы. Файл.

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